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Assessments for identification of behavioral concerns, learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, gifted & talented identification, and other childhood issues are provided for clients that reside in California and Maryland.   Dr. Palmiotto conductes each evaluation through the focus of a school neuropsychological lens.  She has been an educational psychologist for over 20 years and is a current member of the American Board of School Neuropsychology (ABSNP).  She  has practiced in both private and public schools as well as clinical settings.  

Assessments detail a child's learning profile that through including investigation of specific neuro-cognitive functions such as attention, executive functions, fine and gross motor, social emotional, and memory skills as well as specific areas of processing. The evaluation is focused on answering a specific question and usually takes between 10-20 hours total which includes, a detailed history, review of records, parent and teacher interview, school observation, as well as standardized and non-standardized testing.  A final meeting to review the findings is scheduled to help parents understand the results.

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At this time, Dr. Palmiotto provides in person counseling for children and teens residing in Maryland in both individual and group formats.  

Dr. Palmiotto works from a whole-child approach with a strengths-based model to help children learn the skills they need through identifying their current strengths.  Cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and solution-focused strategies are utilized to teach, model, and practice self awareness, self-esteem, and executive functioning skills, while building resiliency.  

Dr. Palmiotto specializes in relational aggression in girls, managing ADHD and anxiety, social skills, and issues surrounding learning disabilities.

Dr. Palmiotto currently works with Parker Place to provide in-person counseling in Maryland.  For more information or to book an appoitnment please contact the Parker Place offfice.  

Telehealth options are available for CA, MD, and OK residents.


Parent coaching and support is available virtually and through workshops provided throughout the year. Popular topics of coaching include:

  •  Managing behavioral issues at home
  • Helping children and families get organized
  • Supporting executive functioning with tweens and teens
  •  Supporting parenting of ADHD and other learning challenges.

Dr. Palmiotto meets with clients via Zoom for coaching calls and has appointments available to suit all time zones.  For more personalized coaching plans, please contact Dr. Palmiotto to arrange for a free initial meeting.

Note: Parent coaching is distinctly different from counseling or psychotherapy. Coaching is the emotionally supportive and proactive focus on a client’s specific future oriented goals. It does not diagnose or treat mental health disorders. Since parent coaching does not constitute medical consultation or therapy, health insurance does not apply.

For Information on rates and types of coaching available visit the Coaching for Parents Page