Dr. Palmiotto's Personal Recommendations

Over my years as a mom and educational psychologist, I've come across some amazing tools and resources that I feel are worthy of sharing. From books a to websites, you will find a variety of ways to help enhance your relationship with the children around you, whether you are a parent, educator, or both.

Below are just some of the resources that I hope you take a look at and share with others. If you have something that works for you that isn't listed, please contact me and let me know. 

All of the products and services below I stand behind 100%. Some of the links below may be affiliate links where I am compensated for sending traffic to the product or service. That being said, I would never include anything on this site that I have not investigated and approve of in my own practice, either as a mom or ed psychologist.


A wonderful website for all things related to childhood anxiety.  Tips, tricks, resources and programs all geared to parents to help them understand anxiety and how to manage it with children.

One of the most comprehensive websites with up-to-date research-driven information for parents and educators about all things learning.

If you have or know of a child with a learning disability, this is a wonderful resource to help you navigate the world of special needs.

It's a tricky time for parents in this digital age of parenting.  This website helps us keep up to date on the trends of technology with children and teens.

Games, Toys, and Tools


Toys and tools


All the books listed here are books that I have read and used personally in both my professional and personal life.  To learn more about any of the boooks you see, just click on the image and it will take you directly to the description of the book!


Let's face it...anxiety can be crippling for kids and many times it is an underestimated problem.  Because Anxiety is more of a "hidden" disorder, many teachers and/or parents don't see the magnitude of the problem until it turns into something external.  Whether your child has an anxiety diosorder or suffers from intermittent (normal) anxiety for tests or other social challenges, helping them manage anxiety is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Families

Dan Siegel

If you haven't come across any books by Dan Siegel than you are in for a treat!  He is one of my favorite authors for parenting and education.  His books are relatable and written for parents to understand, giving. a fresh outlook on parenting from a neuroscience approach.  Any of the books below are worth reading and my guess is that once you read one you will be hooked like I was and start reading the others

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