Dr. Palmiotto's Rainbow Of Feelings  Program

How to Help Children Manage Their Emotions to Develop Emotionally Intelligent Life Skills with, Engaging Techniques

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Over the past decade, there has been more awareness surrounding the underlying issues associated with behavior, including self-regulation and how children without the ability to regulate their impulses appear to be “misbehaving”.  Many programs have been used effectively in helping children begin to recognize and manage sensory input and become more insightful into their own behavior. "The Rainbow of Feelings" uses the concrete, familiar image of the Rainbow to introduce children to the concepts of feelings then includes engaging activities to introduce and reinforce concepts related to each of the areas of the rainbow.   By teaching young children these valuable tools we help them grow into independent learners in both the classroom and in life outside school, ultimately becoming successful, confident and productive members of our society and the world.


Created as a supplemental tool to use with the Rainbow of Feelings Program but can easily be used on its own!  The tools included give kids  different strategies to use when they are having high and low energy feelings to balance out and return to a state of calm, where they can be ready to listen and talk.   Portable and easy to use.  Each bag includes a variety of tools that kids can use with guidance or on their own!

Check out a few videos  the Feelings Bag in use

Teaching with the Rainbow 

Learn ways to being the Rainbow of Feelings into the classroom to help students identify and manage emotions.   Emotional regulation is a key ingredient to positive behavior and learning

The Rainbow at Home & School

Parenting with the Rainbow

Learn ways to resolve  ongoing tantrums or emotional breakdowns through teaching and reinforcing emotional intelligence and awareness , moving toward a more peaceful   family environment! 

The Rainbow of Feelings for Educators

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Bring The Rainbow Into the Classroom

The Rainbow of Feelings was first piloted in a private school in Oklahoma and since has been used in school across the country.  Dr., Palmiotto is currently available to consult with teachers, staff or districts that are looking to implement the program in their schools.

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The Rainbow of Feelings at Home

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A Tailored Way for Parents to Help Their Children!

What You'll Discover in this Individually Tailored Program:

Let Your Child Bloom

Children are smart, and we should provide them with effective tools to respond appropriately in difficult situations at school, with peers or with us at home.

The Family Recipe

Finding your family strengths and needs helps to create the perfect recipe for family connection and peaceful parenting.

Simplify Your Life With A Rainbow

A simple guide will clarify just how easy it is to help your child communicate without getting frustrated or angry.  Using the metaphor of a Rainbow to help introduce and reinforce feelings and techniques to manage them.

Customized Plans Just For Your Family

Through private one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Palmiotto, you'll have a concrete action plan to keep you on course and help you reach your family goals.

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