Trainings for Parents & Educators

Dr. Palmiotto provides professional development trainings in a number of ways for educators and parents. Below you will find a few options from webinars, online trainings and in-person trainings available.  If you are interested in a topic that is not listed please send a request with your topic of interest!

Available Webinars


Emotional Regulation in Early Childhood

Emotional regulation is a skill that is often underestimated but definitely needed.  Teaching children how to recognize, understand and use tools to manage their emotions is crucial in both academic and social learning.  

This curriculum was developed  using fun and engaging activities to teach children in early childhood (Preschool - 2nd grade) how to do just that! 

Professional development with this curriclum includes a basic introduction to emotional regualtion for teachers followed by a hands-on activity session in which the curriclu is reviewed through the use of activiteis that teachers can use with the children.  previously schools have also included a day prior to the trainign to allow Dr. Palmiotto to come model how to teach a lesson within the classroom.