Coaching for Parents

If you find yourself in need of a little support and guidance to get you through some of the more difficult parenting hurdles you may want to consider parent coaching.  Coaching allows for individualized help from Dr. Palmiotto to help parents understand the core challenges of their family issues as well as develop some techniques tailored to your parenting style.   Each family, parent, and child is unique.  Learn how to appreciate and celebrate those gifts by creating a more peaceful household.

Coaching sessions are offered in either individual or group sessions to allow for individual eneds of each family.  Additionally, group webinars are offered from time to time that may be of interest to you.  To make sure you get information about the latest opportunities please sign up for the newsletter or follow Dr. Palmiotto on social media.

If you are interested in learning more just complete the form below to schedule a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Palmiotto.

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

parent coaching

If you have specific needs for your family and would like personalized help from Dr. Kim, then you can schedule one-on-one time with her 60 minute increments of time. 

These individualized sessions are geared toward the unique needs of your family.


Hourly Rate = $200/hour

4 Session Package = $700 ($175/hr)

8 Session Package = $1200 ($150/hr)

The Group Coaching options provides you with a small group of like-minded parents that will act as a support network while learning about brain-based parenting and direct guidance with Dr. Palmiotto.  The group will consist of no more than 4 families at a time in order to provide support and guidance to each parent. 

The 8-week program will include:

- An initial and final individual conference to determine your specific needs and situation as well as develop a plan for your family

- online live video conferencing with Dr. Palmiotto every week to review information as well as answer specific questions.

- an ability to learn and share with other parents

Group Webinar

Is there a group of parents that you know have similar issues?  Consider a group webinar with a specific topic.  You can either have Dr. Kim give a short lecture on a topic and then open for Q&A or just open the forum to the group to ask questions about the topic chosen.
                   $300 --  75 Minute Group Webinar (30 min info session and 45min. Q&A)
                   ​ $450  --  90 Min Group Webinar 
(60 min info session and 30 min Q&A)