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Supercharging Your Child's Future

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Kimberley Palmiotto, Psy.D




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For over 20 years, Dr. Palmiotto has been a licensed Educational Psychologist with a focus on early childhood intervention to develop an emotionally intelligent child.  With a comprehensive understanding of how children best communicate, we can help you and your child learn how to maintain an emotional balance throughout childhood and beyond. This has transformed lives, increased happiness and improved school performance.

Using the right tools at the correct time reduces stress on parents, relieves the child of frustration and helps teach the entire family an effective system for communicating and problem solving. These simple skills can be utilized throughout childhood and well into adulthood. Teaching and preparing our children how to problem-solve in an ever-changing hyper environment is critical to their long term happiness, mental health and intellectual growth.


Improve Learning

Using time-tested methods and cutting edge techniques, your child's ability to learn and comprehend can grow and blossom. 

1,000's Of Students & Parents

With over 20 years of experience, Kimberley has personally assessed, counselled and helped 1000's of kids & parents of all ages.


Diverse Credentials

With a variety of advanced degrees, certifications and associations, Kimberley  has a broad range of skill sets to help you.

Get the solutions you deserve.

Let Kimberley help you problem solve and start your journey towards a healthier more fulfilling family dynamic.

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About the Psychologist

"My love for psychology first emerged in the early '90's while in college.  Later, while obtaining my Masters Degree in Marital & Family Therapy, I discovered Art Therapy and became intrigued by how these two disciplines can be used together to help bring about solutions for children."

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Kim has always been my family's "go to" professional for help with our kids.  Whether it's dealing with school issues or behavioral ones, Kim always has the best solutions for us."

Chris G. - La Habra, CA.

As mother of two kids, I'm always in search of tools and information to help them thrive. In our time of need, Kim was our saving grace. Her practical approach and support along the way meant more to us that I can ever put into words."

Keri G. - Huntington Beach, CA.

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